The Largest Packaging, Food Processing, Plastics, Labelling And Print Exhibition In West Africa

Propak West Africa 2019 | Packaging | Processing | Printing | Plastics Propak West Africa 2019 | Packaging | Processing | Printing | Plastics Propak West Africa 2019 | Packaging | Processing | Printing | Plastics

The Largest Packaging, Food Processing, Plastics, Labelling And Print Exhibition In West Africa

Exhibitor Interview: PanAsia Tech image

Exhibitor Interview: PanAsia Tech

POSTED: 13th Aug

With Propak West Africa 2018 only five short weeks away, we wanted to get an idea of what some of our top exhibitors will be bringing to the show, their market insights and reasons why it's so important to attend industry events such as Propak West Africa. We spoke with Avinash Deldani from PanAsia Tech about their plans for the show, some of their insights and what visitors can expect.  

Q1. What is the reason you have chosen to exhibit your products/ services at Propak West Africa 2018?

Propak West Africa is so far the most professionally operated processing, packaging, and printing exhibition running in West Africa. Through this platform we expect to engage with more firms in this region who will find value in the unique service our company provides. We also want to seize this opportunity to make industry specific exhibitions such as this more popular in Africa as this will fuel the growth of the African economy. Most of the companies exhibiting at these shows are more interested in developing a long term presence in Africa, like us.

Q2. Can you highlight any particularly exciting products/ services you’ll be showcasing this year? I.e. any new launches, top selling products, etc.

We will be bringing a new line-up of equipment for Propak West Africa 2018, these include:

  • Total snack food processing and packaging solutions from small to large scale.
  • High-quality PET preform moulds and integrated manufacturing systems with higher capacity output at competitive prices.
  • Moulds and manufacturing solutions for the medical industry. Blood bags, syringes. Etc.
  • Yoghurt and Dairy processing and packaging with single stage form-fill-seal solutions, aseptic filling lines, shelf life extending processes.
  • Compact, high speed, and high-quality sachet powder and sauce packaging machinery from Taiwan.

Q3. We know you’ve recently been working on small to medium solutions for snack food markets, can you tell us a little bit more about your efforts?

Over the last year, here at PAT we have been fortunate to support some of the fastest growing snack food brands in Ghana. We have worked out innovative ways to process and package locally available raw materials like plantain, cassava, yam, garri, and much more. Not just improving efficient methods but also introducing more attractive packaging with extended shelf life.

Q4. You also have a YouTube channel with some dedicated videos, can you tell us a bit about what those entail and why they’re informative for visitors?

Our YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing videos of machinery, new ideas for food and beverage manufacturing, and guidelines on how to set up your own industry in Africa starting with the basics. Our solutions are often low cost and very effective for West Africa. Our visitors have gained access to processes which many competitors keep as trade secrets. But we want to show our fellow Africans how easy it is to actually start your own business, build your brand, and create jobs within your community. This is 100% FREE platform where visitors can engage directly with our technical team, and other inquisitive visitors on our channel.

Q5. Will you be offering any special exhibition promotional discounts for visitors?

YES! We will have a special offer on our Hand Held coding machine. We have received literally hundreds of inquires from Nigeria through our YouTube video featuring this unit. The video has attracted over 10K views already.

Q6. What makes you stand out from your competitors? Why should a visitor pick your brand over another?

PanAsia Tech offers a unique service, representing only the BEST equipment coming out of Asia, our local teams in Ghana and Nigeria can assure on the ground support when needed and also open and manage contact with the manufacturers abroad. We help to technically identify the most cost effective and practical equipment, putting together Turnkey Solutions that are developed specifically for the West African marketplace. With over 20 years experience in the region, we are dedicated to growing our presence further. Our logistics team can offer substantial savings by identifying essential needs for your projects well ahead of time. 

Q7. You’ve recently announced some strategic new partners, who are they and what do you think will they bring to Pan Asia Tech?

Every year, we hope to bring more strategic partners to the table that share our positive vision for growth of Industry in West Africa in the near future. That is why this year we are introducing one of the biggest names in medical device moulding to the Nigerian manufactures.

Companies have also approached us from Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia to guide them with introductions to relative customers in Nigeria. We are bringing the Best of the East back to the West.

Q8. Are you planning to meet existing clients as well as potential new ones?

Over the last 3 years exhibiting with Propak, we have managed to establish relationships with quite a few serious business people in Nigeria. We look forward to building upon existing and forging new ones as well this year.

Q9. Why do you believe industry events such as Propak West Africa are crucial to the industry?

PAT has a unique perspective having run offices in South East Asia and West Africa for more than 20 years. We started working at the biggest trade show in the world, The Canton (China) Fair held bi-annually in Guangzhou. We have seen African customers flock to the region for the machinery phase in particular looking for manufacturing solutions. Many times to only be burned by inferior products from sub-standard producers. This is why we only represent the cream of the crop that is dedicated to long-term development in this region. Propak West Africa has given that platform where serious companies can reach out to developing business, rather than having the latter scour through millions of amateurs looking for a diamond in the rough.

Q10. In your opinion, are there any specific challenges you foresee for the global packaging market?

The most troublesome problem is the lack of interest in eco-friendly packaging solutions. The market is still driven by practical needs and unlike 1st world markets; Africa cannot necessarily afford to implement serious solutions. Although East Africa is ploughing forward with plastic bans. We are always looking for the ‘next best thing’ and will continue to introduce options on this platform.

Q11. And more locally, what kind of potential do you see in the West African packaging market specifically?

On a positive note, we would love to see the next packaging innovation be developed by Africans. Rather than importing our food sources, we would like to see more local processing and packaging of locally grown products, and export of these products to hungry Western markets. We would like to see the real start of the African Industrial Revolution.

Q12. Sustainability and Recyclable packaging are extremely popular in the market at the moment, what do you think about this apparent trend and have you seen it personally affecting your audience?

The packaging machinery we offer is easily adaptable to new packaging material technology. Unlike some of the larger multinational machine manufacturers, we do not wish to tie down our clients to any particular trend. We do not see eco-friendly packaging as a trend but rather as a necessity. When solutions present themselves we are ever ready to try and implement the same for our clients. We are still waiting for the best and most cost effective, sustainable options in food and beverage packaging.

Q13. Is there anything else you’d like to highlight about your brand or products to our exhibitors ahead of their visit in September?

We look forward to receiving all Propak visitors at our stand. Our team is ready to share their experience and knowledge with anyone who is interested to listen.  PAT is committed to working with West Africa over the long term and we are committed to know more about what YOU need. Let’s talk business.

Find PanAsia Tech on stand D16 at Propak West Africa this September, to attend for free, register here

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