The Largest Packaging, Food Processing, Plastics, Labelling And Print Exhibition In West Africa

Propak West Africa 2019 | Packaging | Processing | Printing | Plastics Propak West Africa 2019 | Packaging | Processing | Printing | Plastics Propak West Africa 2019 | Packaging | Processing | Printing | Plastics

The Largest Packaging, Food Processing, Plastics, Labelling And Print Exhibition In West Africa

Exhibitor Interview: SkySat image

Exhibitor Interview: SkySat

POSTED: 13th Aug

In the weeks leading up to Propak West Africa 2018, we took time to sit down with SkySat's Corporate Sales Manager, Vikash Dadhich as he revealed the printing brand's plans for Propak West Africa 2018 among other key industry insights: 

Q1. What is the reason you have chosen to exhibit your products/ services at Propak West Africa 2018?

We have been participating at Propak West Africa for the last 4 years. We find this expo to be well-organised with great efforts in marketing. We use the show to demonstrate the quality of our products in person to both new and existing customers.

Q2. Can you highlight any particularly exciting products/ services you’ll be showcasing this year? I.e. any new launches, top-selling products etc.

We are excited to announce that we are going to launch the new Konica Minolta AccurioPress C3070, this will be the first-ever demonstration of this piece of equipment at an event, here in Nigeria. We have also recently partnered with Epson, so we will have the Epson Large Format SC P10000 machine on display as well.

Q3. You recently launched the AccurioPress C3070 is that right? Can you tell us a little more about that product and who would benefit from purchasing it?

Yes, we have started selling the AccurioPress C3070, but it will be the first time the machine will be exhibited in an exhibition in Nigeria. This model is the successor of AccurioPress C2070, which was a very fantastic machine & we sold over 200 devices of the same. Already we have sold almost 15 devices of the AccurioPress C3070 / C3080. This product is specifically designed for commercial Print Shops as well as large corporates who want to have a Reprographic room in their offices. Some of the key advantages are that it prints up to 350gsm thickness duplex printing with 29’’ continuous feeding with duplexing, it has the best in the market colour & print quality and it’s capable of printing banner sizes up to 49’’ length.

Q4. Now, you’re launching a new brand in your portfolio, can you tell us a little more about that brand and what you’re hoping to achieve in being their supplier?

Yes, we have recently partnered with Epson. As everybody knows Epson is known for its high-Quality output, also we will fill the gap in the Large Format Printing with Epson that was not available in our portfolio.

Q5. Will you be offering any special exhibition promotional discounts for visitors?

Of course, we always have promos running while in the exhibition. The exact discount will be worked on in due course. Also, we’ll be giving away some great freebies when customers pay or reserve their machines at the exhibition.

Q6. What makes you stand out from your competitors? Why should a visitor pick your brand over another?

All the brands that we represent are reliable Japanese products supported by European partners, with best in the market quality. We have the after sales services on all our products which gives the end users a sense of relief that if any problems arise, it will be taken care of. Also, the cost of production on our products are competitive for having the best ROI for the end user.

Q7. Are you planning to meet existing clients as well as potential new ones?

Yes, I am sure we will have a lot of existing clients visiting the show as they would like to see if in case anything new, also we are inviting people to see our latest AccurioPress C3070 & the Epson products.

Q8. Why do you believe industry events such as Propak West Africa are crucial to the industry?

They are VERY important as it gives the end users a perspective of what all is available at his disposal, also it creates healthy competition, which brings out the best in the exhibitors which greatly benefits the end users.

Q9. In your opinion, are there any specific challenges you foresee for the global print market?

Compatible or third-party consumables, also the developed nations dumping their USED products in developing nations. Buying of uncertified used machine damages the reputation of the brand, as the models that are imported are outdated, and the consumables & spares are not available. Creating a dissatisfaction in the user regards to the durability & output of that device. This also creates unhealthy competitions to the buyers of genuine products & services.

Q10. And more locally, what kind of potential do you see in the West African print market specifically?

The prospects look bright, specifically in Nigeria as people are aware of the developments happening in the print industry, so they want to be up to date with the products & technology. Developments in regard to new technology available at there disposal, Nigerian in particular are very up to date with the latest technological developments & wants the latest at their disposal.

Q11. Sustainability and Recyclable print are extremely popular in the market at the moment, what do you think about this apparent trend and have you seen it personally affecting your audience?

The trend is of course towards recyclable prints, however, it is not affecting the normal trend as the audience for the Direct Imaging is very HUGE, also the shift from the offset to DI is promising, people wants to have (VDP) Variable Data Printing in short runs. The quality that these new DI machines produce if giving an edge to its users to compete with traditional offset presses & also gives them more versatility in terms of short run jobs. Quick turn around.

Q12. Is there anything else you’d like to highlight about your brand or products to our exhibitors ahead of their visit in September?

There is a shift in the conventional print business, now consumers are looking for Electronic Content Management (ECM) as well as Document Management, (Scanning the hard copies to soft & archiving them in Digital format to retrieve them easily whenever required). For that reason we are specifically focusing our efforts on delivering these IT SERVICES to deliver that requirement.

You can see SkySat products and technology on stand T22 & T26 at Propak West Africa 2018. To register to attend for free, click here

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