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Prior to Propak West Africa 2019, we asked our exhibitor KHS about their experience with the exhibition, new products, their business and why they decided to exhibit with us. Read more below. 

Why did you choose to exhibit at Propak this year? 

Propak has so far differentiated it’s proposition to attract key customers and exhibitors to participate in Propak West AFRICA, hence as a world-leading supplier of filling and packaging technology, we reckon that this year’s Propak exhibition will offer is a great platform to showcase our innovations and solutions which would definitely delight our customers.

Why do you believe industry events such as Propak West Africa are crucial to the industry? 

The industry has evolved significantly, and especially in the last five years, the context and dynamics has been more inclusive and synergistic. Exhibitions open up a critical platform for players in the filling and packaging value chain to improve and serve customers better and Propak has done a good job so far in offering such a platform for key players.

What makes your business stand out from your competitors? 

Without divulging our competitive advantage here, we have the experience and technical know-how to position our customers for success in their business, which rightly positions us as the First Choice in filling and Packaging needs globally.

Are you bringing any products or equipment to showcase? 


Tell us a bit about the products you're bringing including any key selling points? 

This would best be experienced through direct contact with the customers, but to highlight a few we shall be sharing more about our Blomax series V and plasmax technology for PET bottles and some innovations in our can filling machines - DVD and hot filling options which covers a wide range of customers products.

Will you be offering any special onsite discounts for visitors? 

No special online discounts shall be provided, however, we shall invite our customers who would be granted RSVP access to the exhibition.

In your opinion, are there any specific challenges you foresee for the global packaging market? 

Recycling of packaging materials and well as sustainability in terms of the environmental impact remains a key area of concern for the packaging industry. These are key areas all players need to focus on from a strategic standpoint for the medium to long term viability of the industry.

And more locally, what kind of potential do you see in the West African packaging market specifically? 

The packaging market in West Africa is growing and possesses the potential to grow in double digits as population and per capita income increase. However, the theme of sustainability is extremely key in order to best harness the growth profitably for the long term.

Sustainability and Recyclable packaging will be a key theme at our Conference this year, how do you think this will affect the packaging industry? 

Significantly, and can be seen from my answers above. This will be an interesting area to engage all players during this exhibition.

Is your business planning or already factoring in 'sustainability' to your supply chain? 

We have sustainability factored into our business philosophy. Our media consumption of utilities(energy, air, water, steam) is remarkably lower than all other OEMs who play in the same industry, and we aren’t stopping at that as we strive through continuous improvement to get better in this area through our innovations. We promote green solutions in our manufacturing and support the same even though our supply chain for spare parts and services.

Are there any other key trends you foresee on the horizon? 

We see a trend towards miniaturization in the industry. Pack sizes getting smaller and customers around the world are more interested in healthier options for products consumed.

Is there anything else you'd like to highlight about your brand or products to our exhibitors ahead of their visit in September? 

We have a product that stands out for customers seeking total value in filling and packaging operations. We look forward to meeting our valued customers in this exhibition.

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