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NEOFYTON is general representative for leading world manufacturers of plastics injection molding machines and auxiliary - ENGEL, WINTEC, PIOVAN, EUROCHILLER, MB CONVEYORS, TRIA for Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon (West Africa) and Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia market (Southeast Europe).

The company’s goal is to provide highest standard in terms of service at all times, which includes top quality equipment and service from a single source. It is the process integration – sales and consulting, delivery and machine installation, service and training, as well as partnership
with buyers that comprise the basis of our business operations and development.

ENGEL - is the world-largest manufacturer of plastics and rubber injection molding machines, offering electrical, hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machines. ENGEL is one of the few 100% family-owned global companies, which is making constant efforts in quality management to offer its clients injection molding machines up to date with all market trends and requirements. The corporate philosophy of this Austrian company is to offer its clients complete injection molding machine solutions from one source (plastics and rubber injection molding machines, automatization, education, and training). The spirit of innovation, built upon decades of experience: ENGEL always keeps abreast of the latest developments and relies on creating state-of-the-art technologies and securing sustainable global growth.

WINTEC – a member of the Engel group. Based on European design and engineering, WINTEC offers injection molding machines for single-shot
applications. Their product lines offer the benefits of decades of expertise in injection molding: extremely reliable and efficient machines with an extended service life. As a 100% ENGEL owned brand, WINTEC is devoted to the high quality standards of the group. Their professional after sales support is guaranteed by the local service network and an in-house spare parts supply. Based in Changzhou, WINTEC is your trustworthy partner for high quality standards and service.



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